CTS2-FC-Class8-Costume [unfinished]]


CTS2-FC-Class7-The Clothes Make the Fan

Review of : Josh Stenger: The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom When “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Goes to eBay I have not watch this TV series but I can certainly… Continue reading

CTS2-FC-Class6-Human-centered design

Task: Imagine you are designing a new garment of your choice. It can have whatever features you want, technological or otherwise. Discuss what processes you might use to make it ‘human-centered’ design. How… Continue reading

CTS2-FC-Class4-Fashion Archive

Museum of London. The Museum of London arrange the galleries chronologically basing on the history of london. At first I went through all the galleries and then started from the beginning and focus… Continue reading

CTS2-FC-Class4-Fashion Boutique

Vivienne Westwood. VW is my favourite designer’s brand ever, and as for the shop, I love the way everytime they decorate the showwindow. This time I went to the shop and saw spectaculars… Continue reading

CTS2-FC-Class4-Exhibition Space-

Mademoiselle Prive at the Saatchi Gallery    I really like the TOTEMS Room. In this showroom there are sculptures that present the CODES, SYMBOLS and ICONS of Chanel. Same as the reflection of… Continue reading

CTS2-FC-Class2-Research method-

Interviews. I looked at interview with fashion designer Carla Fernandez. http://www.designboom.com/design/interview-with-fashion-designer-carla-fernandez-05-14-2014/ The interviews started with the question ‘what sparked your interest in fashion ‘ which is about the radical basic of her work.… Continue reading

Fluid- popcorn machine

from popping popcorn to epiphyllum.

Fluid – a popcorn machine

popping popcorn

CTS2-FC-Class1-Research method-

Shoes. According to the shape of this pair of shoes, I found it is a pair of “Lotus Shoes” which is for bonded foot in ancient China. Also because they have curves and… Continue reading